Standing For Integrity
Standing For Integrity

Standing For Integrity

Posted on June 20, 2017
In a world of fast-paced, technology-driven interactions with our family, neighbors and co-workers it is easy to walk away from taking a stand.  We consume so much negative noise in our over abundance of content.  Do we contribute to the negative noise or instead find our voice in rising above and standing for a basic principle, integrity.  

Integrity is a word we hear often, but what does it truly mean?  By definition, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  With our complex culture today, how are we standing for integrity at home, in the office, in our community?

We have all experienced a moment in our culture where the mistake at work was someone else’s fault, the leadership failed us, or our resources weren’t up to par.  Or at school, my child isn’t excelling because the teacher isn’t challenging her.  In both of these examples, what if our cultural reaction was “What could I have done to avoid that mistake, or how can I be challenging my child?”  

There is an irrefutable need to bring back accountability, to bring back integrity in all aspects of our lives.  Instead of turning a blind eye, what if we stood up and owned our mistakes, honestly shared how we felt and offered ownership in making ourselves, something better.  

Ben Kinchlow, Co-Founder of the new BriO TV Network, wrote  “We the people” are empowered by God, and our Constitution, to govern ourselves (and all that implies), and we own the responsibility to measure up to this expectation.”   

Ben, you are onto something important.  He goes on to say,  “We need to return to common sense, restraint, self-respect, love for God, respect for the rule of law, moral decency – the very Judeo-Christian precepts that have birthed this great nation, and without which will lead to our downfall.”  

As simplistic as it is at the core, it’s a challenge in today’s culture.  Leading with integrity, standing for principles rooted in morality.  It’s what makes us a civil, flourishing community of people.  Join the Movement to discover and embrace the foundations that have made our country great.  

The new BriO TV Network will launch its Real America Channel, featuring insightful interviews led by Ben Kinchlow.