Brio Family: Using Technology to Connect
Brio Family: Using Technology to Connect

Brio Family: Using Technology to Connect

Posted on May 20, 2017
Consider a typical evening at home with your family. Is everyone investing in time spent together? Are you genuinely seeking to deepen relationships with your loved ones? I often find that an evening with my family consists of everyone sitting around preoccupied with their individual devices. Dad is checking the baseball scores, my brother is researching used cars, and mom is shopping for home decor. Real person-to-person interaction is rare.

In 2016, the average amount of time Americans spent consuming media was 10 hours and 39 minutes (The New York Times). In a society where we are constantly plugged in, it can be difficult to set aside time to spend time with one another rather than with our technology.

In an effort to avoid surface-level relationships with family, we must seek to increase the quality of time spent together. When family members come home from school, work, or activities wanting to relax and let down, how can we structure this time in a way that promotes connectedness rather than individualism?

The favorite leisure activity for Americans is watching TV. In fact, on average we tend to spend 2.8 hours per day glued to the TV (Bureau of Labor Statistics). While this statistic may seem detrimental, families can actually use the popularity of TV to better invest in time together.

At BriO, we strive to provide digital programming that presents families with inspiring stories that impact daily life. When introduced to the abundantly beautiful in this way, you are given an invitation to dig deeper into things that really matter.

By watching informative, inspirational programming with your family, you will also be challenged to make a positive change. As a family, you have the opportunity to engage one another in conversation about the topics and perspectives shared in the programming. This type of quality time together will motivate deeper relationships and promote positive family values.