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BRIO TV's Ben Kinchlow Releases New Book

About the Book
The Lord God had something in mind when He created this marvelous being called "man."  Did He create him only to live 70-90 years and then die?  Why would He make this incredible life form and then just condemn it to decay and dust? He didn't.  Have you ever asked yourself...Who am I?  What is my final destiny?  The answer to all of these questions can be summed up thusly-- you are a sovereign immortal, with power to rule, learning to exercise dominion, destined to be in charge of Christ's Kingdom in the heavenly places. 

What Readers Are Saying
"Once again, Ben Kinchlow's insightful understanding of God's Word comes shining through.  As we journey through life, we encounter many trials and tribulations which may be difficult to overcome. As Ben so clearly articulates, the reason many fail to rise above their circumstances and gain vitory is unbelief--not unbelief in our Lord or our salvation but rather unbelief in who we are in Him.  By revealing this truth, Ben takes the sting out of the word "unbelief" replacing it instead with love, hope and strength in our Messiah." -- Earl Cox, Israel's Ambassador of Goodwill to Christian and Jewish Communities

"Truth is the foundation of our history and our future.  The truths reflected in this book are foundational to what Christians believe, and the ultimate truth is in what lies ahead.  This book unveils a bright, new perspective on our purpose here and our eternal future."  --David Barton

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