Affiliate Program

Brio TV Affiliate Program

Brio TV has developed a program exclusively designed to partner with Churches, Pastors, Organizations and Individuals of Influence providing Family Programming, Movies, Inspirational Shows and additional Family-Friendly Viewing Content as well as Music for all ages.  This is Brio TV, Viewer Affiliate Program.

The concept is to present Brio TV and all of the Family-Friendly Programming to the attention of Pastors, Organizations and influencial Leaders by first introducing Brio's Affiliate Program to each for their approval and encouraging them (You) to get on board with Brio's Affiliate Program by making presentations to their (Your) groups, encouraging them to sign up as a Subscriber to Brio TV.  With every Subscription achieved from Your Efforts, Brio will pay 50% of the Gross Subscription Fee back to your Church, Organization or your Designee, with an EIN, for as long as their Subscription remains active with Brio TV. 

As An Affiliate of Brio TV

As the Leader of your Church or Organization, you will receive a free Platinum Subscription to Brio TV for life and your Church or Organization will receive a gift of 50% of all Subscription Fees that are generated from your efforts.  

Here's how it works: It's that simple!  You will be facilitating those you Lead as well as Your Family, to enjoy all of the benefits of Brio TV...Family Friendly Entertainment that brings Life More Abundandant to homes across the Globe!

What is the Value of Being An Affiliate of Brio TV

Brio TV dedicated to provided Family-Friendly Entertainment that speaks of Faith Family and Patriotism and can be fully tursted to deliver Entertainment, Inspiration & Education for the entire Family.  Brio TV is available on any Smart Device including Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Pads and all Computers.  Either via the Brio TV app or by using Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Roku, Brio TV can be accessed aound the Globe at anyttime.  All content is Video-On-Demand and with the added benefit of Live Streaming Events, available to Platinum Subsribers.  And then there is Music!! Brio also offers over 1,000 Inspirational Songs of different styles for Subscribers to enjoy during those quiet moments when all that's needed is peace.