3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a TV Show
3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a TV Show

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a TV Show

Posted on August 20, 2017
With the ever-growing influx of media we encounter on a daily basis, it is challenging to know where to point our attention. In an age where the average American spends five hours and four minutes per day watching TV, we should be concerned about what we are watching and how it is affecting us (The New York Times). After a long day, flipping through endless TV channels from a comfy spot on the couch seems like the easiest option. However, easiest is not always best. Here at BriO, we have compiled a list of three questions that will help you pick a worthwhile TV show.

1. Does it present truth?

It is important to fill our minds with information that is accurate and true. Think about the morals and principles that guide your life and consider whether or not they are reflected in the show under consideration. Asking this question will help determine if the overall message of the show is something you want to support.

2. Is it excellent?

Quality is essential. What you watch needs to be engaging and well-crafted in order to be worth your time. If the artistry behind the programming isn’t inspirational, make room for a show with better craftsmanship.

3. Will it change how I live my life?

When you watch a TV show, you are inviting an outside source to pour into you and impact your worldview. What you watch should feed you with good news that motivates you to make positive changes in your life.

At BriO, we encourage you to engage with media that connects you to something bigger. While mainstream media may be alienating, we want you to absorb media that helps you to not feel alone. The next time you are searching for a TV show to watch, keep your eye out for something that gets to your heart and inspires you to live life more abundant.