10 Easy Acts of Kindness to Try Today
10 Easy Acts of Kindness to Try Today

10 Easy Acts of Kindness to Try Today

Posted on September 20, 2017
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is all too easy to only look out for ourselves. We feel so swamped with personal responsibilities that we forget to really care for the people in our lives. Here at Brio TV, we have compiled a list of 10 easy ways for you to extend kindness to others!
  1. Treat A Friend

Contact a friend and invite them out for a special treat! A coffee date, fun meal, or small gift is a fantastic way to boost someone’s spirits and let them know that they are valued.
  1. Invite Someone To Go In Front Of You In Line

At the supermarket or gas station, let the person behind you have your spot in line. This simple sacrifice communicates genuine kindness.
  1. Complete An Act Of Service For A Stranger

From unloading someone’s groceries for them to offering to do yard work, there are many ways to lend a helping hand. Step outside of your comfort zone to help someone you don’t know!
  1. Write A Note

Sharing words of affirmation can really brighten someone’s day. Take time to write out the reasons why a person is meaningful and special to you and then surprise them with a note.
  1. Spend Time With Someone

When was the last time you made room in your schedule to just have fun with someone close to you? Make the other person’s wellbeing and happiness your priority - let them know that you want to celebrate them!
  1. Take Time To Listen

The next chance you have, focus on really listening to the people around you. Make a conscious effort to restrain from talking about yourself and instead ask good questions, make eye contact, and communicate empathy.
  1. Compliment A Stranger

When you are out and about, don’t be afraid to praise others. Be alert so that you notice more than surface-level attributes. Compliment a mother for how she cares for her children in public, or let your waiter know that you are impressed with his attention to detail - these types of compliments are meaningful.
  1. Remind Someone Of Their Worth

Being intentional to thank someone for being who they are is important. It reminds them that they have inherent meaning and value. Give someone confidence that they are loved just as they are!
  1. Offer To Run An Errand For Someone

Do you know someone that is in a super busy season of life? Or someone who is shut in due to illness? Give them a call and offer to run errands for them. Offering this kindness is an easy way to help lighten someone else’s load.
  1. Put A Surprise Sketch In Your Loved One’s Lunch

Test your creative energy! A silly stick figure, comic frame, or drawing can instantly brighten a loved one’s day. And best of all, they won’t see it coming. Fun surprises are uplifting and exciting!

This list compiles just a few examples of how you can be kind to others. We urge you to look for ways to serve others above yourself. Your actions and attitudes have a profound impact on the people around you - why not spread kindness today?