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life more abundant
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This is Brio TV

life more abundant
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Life more abundant.  Brio Media is a tapestry of programming that informs, enhances, inspires, and connects you to storylines that spark positivity.  We understand viewers have access to entertainment like never before, but what if they had access to programs that impact how they live?  This is Brio Media.  Living empowered through content that cultivates all that is abundantly beautiful in life.  

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  • Business
  • Children & Family
  • Education
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Lisa Hill

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Lisa has been the creative visionary for multiple businesses, holding both marketing/branding and management operations positions for both nonprofit and private sector companies.

With a strong business acumen, she has the cohesive ability for any company - new or seasoned - to create a rapid rise in brand awareness, ultimately resulting in financial success. Her dynamic leadership has taken companies into millions of dollars of revenue while simultaneously creating a recognizable brand.

Her past corporate positions have included CEO, president and vice-president of international companies that market cutting-edge products and services. Skilled at marketing, media, and branding has been instrumental in the overall continued productivity and longevity of each company to which Lisa has contributed her time and talent. Lisa Hill brings vision and enthusiasm to any organization.

She is passionate about the world around her and cultivating deep joy from all life circumstances. Born out of this passion is her show Life More Abundant, which dives into the secrets behind giving back and what ultimately gives life meaning.

Lisa’s passion for service has always extended beyond the positions she has held. Lisa firmly believes that making a difference in the lives of the unfortunate is the responsibility of each of us. As a mother of four, her concentration on creating a Christ-centered business model to the health and welfare of future generations is her heart's desire.

“To give back as a servant is my focus, and I am honored to be part of the Brio Media family.”

Bill Traylor

Chief Operating Officer

William Traylor formed N’Vision Entertainment in 2005. After 30 years of experience in owning Record Labels, Distribution Companies, Producing 100’s of Audio and Video Projects, including successful and award winning TV Shows, and Publishing thousands of songs from hundreds of Writers, Traylor decided to pool all of these experiences into one endeavor, N’Vision Entertainment, and utilize his experience in helping others achieve their careers in the Entertainment Industry.

For the past 10 years, Traylor has worked with Sony, Columbia and Entertainment One developing Artists and Products for mass distribution. Additionally, N’Vision has developed its own Distribution by way of alliances with TimeLife, Starcrest, Allegro Music and Digital Distribution with iTunes as well as over 100 other digital delivery sources.

Artist Development, Writer/Publisher Guidance, Record Label Design, Distribution, TV Production, including TV Specials, Series, Network Distribution and Music Videos and Concert Production, as well as how to Maximize Royalty Earnings, this is the core of N’Vision Entertainment and the 40 years of experience of William Traylor.

Dena DiVito

VP of Operations and Client Development and Co-Founder

Dena joins Brio Media with over 20 years of successful work in the brand development and marketing world. During her time at Sparrow Records, she has been the management arm of internationally-known artists. She has been instrumental in the cultivation of massive brand sponsorships and brand awareness campaigns with artists.

With her vast experience and international success, Dena has gained respect in both the Christian and secular music and entertainment industry. Combining the spirit of excellence with broad-based success in multiple arenas, Dena continues to work from a “servant platform” with her personal passion for orphans and their rescue and support.

James O. Parroco

Executive Producer and Co-Founder

Jim began his career as a professional studio musician. With over 30 years of experience, his natural talent and ability to understand the needs of others allowed him to quickly move from technician to management to executive positions within production companies and advertising agencies. He specializes in custom communications, public relations, and government contracts management. He has managed, directed, and produced in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville, internationally on five continents, and has managed budgets ranging from ‘pro-bono’ into the millions of dollars.

Jim’s credits include Polo Ralph Lauren, British Airways Television/CTN, ESPN, CBS Sports, Rescue 911, Sodexo North America, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Jason Upton, The Family Channel, The 700 Club, ABS, The Jesus Film Project and original television and CD music projects. Jim has also produced public awareness television campaigns concerning teen pregnancy, AIDS and drug abuse in Ghana, West Africa and medical documentaries for cancer treatment. His work as a producer and editor has earned numerous Addy, Telly Golden Cine, and ITVA awards.  

Jim has developed broadcast pieces that have aired in 120 countries in 63 languages reaching an estimated 700 million viewers. He has personally interviewed former Presidents Bush, Carter, and Ford; former Secretary of State James Baker; former Governor Mike Huckabee; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and TV Host Larry King.

Jim’s key to success is his willingness and ability to listen to and deliver what his clients truly want.

“I’m there to deliver the client’s message, not my own. Their agenda is my agenda.”

Jerry Haines


Jerry Haines has been a leader in the financial industry as owner, broker, and president of Titletown Cheese & Trading. His multiple of years of global success has gained him massive respect as a leader in the cheese and dairy industry.

Jerry’s passion for others began early on as a young man in the Midwest witnessing the challenges of those around him, and therefore vowing to make a difference on a greater scale. His dedication to servant leadership has taken him out of the boardrooms and into the lives of many through his ongoing philanthropic generosity. He realized that through the lens of a camera, he could reach the masses in a big way. His ongoing creativity, background in movies, colorful life story, and commitment to the youth in America makes him a key Brio Media player.

Jeffrey Ross

Executive Film Producer

Mr. Ross has extensive experience in feature film production, screenplay writing, directing, producing, marketing, film finance, distribution, and television production. During his 39 plus years in the film and television industry, Mr. Ross has been an actor, feature film screenplay writer, script doctor, producer, and director. He has also been an independent acting coach.

In the early part of his career, Mr. Ross worked as a Hollywood script doctor at the studio level, and worked on, or was part of many large productions, as well as authoring hundreds of screenplays. Some of the major companies he has worked for are: Cinergi Pictures, Disney, Fox, and Universal.

As an independent producer, in addition to project coordinator and manager, Mr. Ross has had to acquire extensive experience in raising capital to finance films and television productions. As such, Stellaris Entertainment Finance was born. In that vein, as an executive producer and film consultant to other production companies, Mr. Ross has assisted in raising money and controlling the distribution of their film to ensure a return on investment.

As a writer, Mr. Ross has has written film screenplays, television scripts (both episodic and reality), infomercials, commercials, and music videos. He spent many years as a Hollywood script doctor and has worked and/or been associated with many major films.

Currently, he has written over a dozen screenplays for Stellaris Films, and co-written several more, with writer Victoria Claibourn, that are in queue for production.

Mr. Ross wrote, produced, directed, and oversaw the distribution and scheduling of the television show, Las Vegas Up Close, which is now currently airing on the Discovery Channel, and in over 10 different European cities.

Mr. Ross has produced and directed several regional television shows, including, All Around Town and You and Law, and a video magazine called Toast of the Town.

Currently, Mr. Ross is the CEO and president of Stellaris International and Stellaris Films.


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